Trigger Talk

June 2019 / July 2019


   June 2019 / July 2019

  Alden Rod and Gun Club

  12 County Line Road, Alden, N.Y. 14004

Mailing Address P.O. Box 35

 President: Frank Bermel Jr.: 937-7324

 V. President: Bruce Huber: 595-937-7176

  June Director: Jeff Miller: 937-0993

  July Director: Dennis Goodwell: 255-2607



Bar: Frank Bermel: 937-7324
Parking: Bill Chapman: 912-5080
Take Out: Jeff Miller: 937-0993
Serving Line: Tim Swartz: 713-0271
Dining Room Clean Up: Tim Swartz: 713-0271
Kitchen: Carl Leas: 656-0350

If you would like to work on any of these committees please do not wait to call the chairman. Many of them have people from last year who will return to volunteer for this year.


With this edition of the Trigger Talk you will receive 10 raffle tickets for this year’s Chicken BBQ in August. This is the only time we ask each member to help the club by selling your tickets. This gives us a boost in case our dinner sales are off for the day. You can also gain hours by selling your ten and an additional 25 for one work hour.


Initial reports from our treasurer Tom Ess indicate that we did very well on this year’s gun raffle. We had approximately 300 people attend the event and everyone had a good time. There was plenty of help from members which added to the success of the day. The only downfall was the wet weather which made parking a little difficult but we managed. I want to thank all those who were there for the day helping we couldn’t have done it without you. Special thanks goes out to the kitchen crew who had the undaunting  task of feeding the hoards that attended and the parking crew for keeping everyone out of the mud. Thanks.


Work on this will begin as soon as possible. We are waiting for some dryer and warmer weather before we begin. If you are still interested in helping you can sign up with Tom Ess and you will be contacted when the work begins. The more hands we have the sooner this project gets finished and the range is fully usable.


Any spring turkey hunter that was successful and entered in the contest bring your beards to the June general meeting for measuring. Also don’t forget a tagged leg to be used for the spur length in case of a tie.


Our spring league is moving along in spite of the damp weather. We have about 27 shooters participating with room for more. There is still time to get your 10 qualifying shoots in before the banquet on June 15th. Don’t forget we shoot on Wednesday from noon to 2pm if you’re looking for an afternoon activity. First time shooters are welcomed. 


This league has just begun and will go until the middle of July. It is run by Carl Leas (656-0350) on Tuesday nights with the first relay at 7:30 pm. You shoot .177 caliber pellets from a distance of 33 feet. All shooters are welcomed.


This league is also underway and runs until September. They shoot outdoors on Sunday mornings at various area clubs. This is center fire or .22 caliber pistol shooting. You don’t have to be an expert to participate just someone who wants to have fun shooting. You can contact Dennis Muetel (668-4686) for further information.


For anyone wondering if the lower range is open, it is. You can now go there and bang away until your heart is content. Please park on the stones because the grass portion of the parking lot is still a little soft. Please keep the range clean each time you use it. Remember safety first. Use some common sense when down there that doesn’t put you or the club in jeopardy.


We now have our front sign back that was blown down during one of our winter windstorms. It had gotten knocked into the ditch and messed up a bit. Thanks to Don Sennett who was able to make the necessary repairs and return it to the front of the club so everyone knows where we are.


Just want to let everyone know that there will be no indoor archery on Friday due to the lack of participation. Thanks to Melanie and Jennifer for their efforts.


June 4th Air Pistol                                                     June 5th Trap

June 7th Trap                                                            June 11th Air Pistol 

June 12th Trap & Gen. Meeting                                June 14th Trap

June 15th Trap Banquet                                            June 17th Work Party 

June 18th Air Pistol                                                    June 19th Trap

June 21st Trap                                                           June 25th Air Pistol 

June 26th Trap & Dir. Meeting                                    June 27th Work Party                                        

June 28th Trap                                                            July 2nd Air Pistol

July 3rd Closed                                                           July 5th Closed

July 9th Air Pistol                                                        July 10th Trap & Gen. Meeting

July 12th Trap                                                             July 15th Work Party

July 16th Air Pistol                                                      July 17th Trap

July 19th Trap                                                             July 24th Trap

July 25th Work Party                                                  July 26th Trap

July 30th Air Pistol Banquet                                       July 31st Trap

April 2019 / May 2019


   April 2019 / May 2019

  Alden Rod and Gun Club

  12 County Line Road, Alden, N.Y. 14004

Mailing Address P.O. Box 35

 President: Frank Bermel Jr.: 937-7324

 V. President: Bruce Huber: 595-937-7176

  April Director: Jim Esack: 863-3967

  May Director: Tim Swartz: 713-0271



Our annual gun raffle is fast approaching and it is time to get your tickets in that have sold or not sold.  We have a waiting list of people who need tickets and you don’t want to wait until the last minute to get them back.  We still need help with parking for that day and if you would like to help you can contact Bill Chapman at 912-5080. The following Monday May 6th there will be a work party at 6pm for clean up.



For all the spring turkey hunters the Big Beard signup sheet will be behind the bar.  You must be registered before the May 1st opener, cost is $3.  All entrants will be judged at the June general meeting.  Bring one tagged leg with your beard because any ties will be broken by spur length.



Our spring league will begin Friday, April 5th and run for 11 weeks.  All are invited to shoot regardless of your skill level.  Sign up will be at 5:30 and shooting begins at 6 pm. There is a $20 league fee and each round of 25 birds is $5.  If you only want to shoot practice you can do that to at $5 per round. For the league you will shoot 250 class qualifying birds and 50 birds the day of the banquet for class champion.  For any additional information contact Tom Ess at 431-9292.



We will begin our 4th year of afternoon shooting on Wednesday, May 1st.  Signup will be at 11:30 am and the first relay at 12 noon.  We will shoot until 2pm. Scores from this day can be used for the Friday night league as well.  If you prefer to shoot during the day instead of at night than this is for you. We have a lot of fun on Wednesday and it gives all the retired people something to do during the week.  For additional information contact Frank Bermel at 937-7324.



Maurice Malaney has once again agreed to run our morning work parties on the fourth Thursday of the month starting in May and running through September.  These work parties begin at 9 am and go until 12 noon. If you can’t make our Monday night work parties here’s a chance for you to put in some time. Remember there is no use of the range while the work party is going on but you can use it after 12 noon.  Just show up and we will put you to work.



We are still looking for help with finishing the lower range cover and berms.  Tom Ess is compiling a list of those members willing to help on special work details to finish the project.  You will be contacted when your help will be needed. Everyone who uses the range should be on this list. We can only move on finishing this if we have enough help.  We want to get this done before the end of summer so it is ready for the fall hunting season. Those interested contact Tom Ess at 431-9292.



Once again the club will be a part of this outdoor shooting league.  You will be shooting center fire pistols, .22 caliber pistols or both if you desire each time you shoot.  This league will begin in May and run through September. You will shoot at various local clubs on Sunday morning.  For additional information you can contact Dennis Muetel at 668-4686.



This league is run by Carl Leas on Tuesday night beginning in May and going until the middle of July.  The first relay is at 7:30 pm and a second if necessary right afterwards. You shoot at targets from 33 feet.  For additional information you can contact Carl at 656-0350.



If you used the club property for a tree stand during the season you have to have it down before the end of June.  You may put them back up in September at your own risk. We as a club are not responsible for them.



April 5th Trap                                                            April 10th General Meeting

April 12th Trap                                                          April 15th Work Party

April 19th Closed (Easter)                                        April 24th Director Meeting

April 26th Trap                                                          May 1st Trap

May 3rd Trap                                                            May 4th Gun Raffle

May 6th Work Party                                                  May 7th Air Pistol

May 8th Trap & General Meeting                             May 10th Trap

May13th Work Party                                                May 14th Air Pistol

May 15th Trap                                                         May 17th Trap

May 21st Air Pistol                                                  May 22 Closed

May 23rd Thursday Work Party                              May 24th Closed

May 28th Air Pistol                                                  May 29th Trap & Director Meeting

May 31st Trap            

February 2019 / March 2019


   February 2019 / March 2019

  Alden Rod and Gun Club

  12 County Line Road, Alden, N.Y. 14004

Mailing Address P.O. Box 35

 President: Frank Bermel Jr.: 937-7324

 President: Bruce Huber: 595-937-7176

  February Director: Jim Sivecz: 937-6855

  March Director: Jenny Huber: 228-3842


2019 DUES

You have until the end of January to get your 2019 dues into the club.  If you got your required hours in for last year it will cost you $30 for this year.  If you didn’t then add $25 per hour to the original $30 and you will have what you owe for this year.  We do not send out a bill if you are looking for one.  So don’t waste time and get your dues in.  Remember to fill out the form that was in the last trigger talk so we can update our membership files.



Tickets are in and are being distributed to members for sale.  Tom Ess has single tickets for cash sale and Bruce Huber has group tickets for those who need more than one.  Remember if you take several tickets get them back to us as soon as possible.  We don’t want to have to hunt you down.  If you can’t sell them don’t worry, we usually have a waiting list of people who want them.  Tom Ess (431-9292) will be looking for ticket sellers for the day and Bill Chapman (912-5080) will be needing help with parking.  Remember if you are going to work that day you need to purchase a ticket.



The club will be open that day for anyone interested in watching the game.  There will be a cash bar and chili served.  If you want to bring something you are more than welcomed.  The game is Sunday, February 3rd.  The club will be opened by noon.  If you need any more information see Jim Sivecz (937-6855).



There are just over two months left for shooting this if you are interested.  We shoot this on Friday night’s beginning at 6:30, 7:30, 8:30.  You shoot 30 times total at 3 targets with your .22 cal rifle.  If you shoot the league targets are $4 and if you shoot practice they are $3.  For any additional information contact Don Sennett (525-3151).



You still have time to join this league we have three shoots before the banquet shoot off.  You will shoot 50 birds each time you come out unless you are behind.  There is a $20 league fee and each round of 25 birds will cost you $5. Sign up begins around 11 am and the first relay goes out around noon.  There is good food being served in the kitchen.  Outside help is needed for each Sunday.  See Tom Ess for details (431-9292).



This runs the same day as our winter trap.  You shoot 30 arrows at a variety of targets from 50 ft and various angels.  You have the opportunity to shoot either the league or just practice.  They begin shooting at 11:30 am.



There is only one shoot left at our club for this travelling archery league.  There still may be time to join and finish this league at other clubs besides our.  This is a walking outdoor course with targets at various yardages. For additional information you can contact Joe Attardo (921-4237) or Chris Lux (912-5537).



We did have an election for three director positions with Jim Sivecz and Jenny Huber being re-elected and Dennis Goodwill elected to his first term.  We thank Vickie Jackobel for her service as director.  We still need members to come forward for president, v. president, treasurer and secretary.  We can’t keep having the same people all the time.



Tom Ess is compiling a list of people who are willing to work on the new range cover when the time comes in the spring.  We want to finish this as soon as possible weather permitting.  You will be called when work days are scheduled for this.  We have berms and shooting rests to be installed.  Signup sheets for all of our shooting events and director months are hanging on the bulletin board just waiting for you to fill them.



Just another reminder that if there is inclement weather on the night of a club activity and the evening activities for the Alden schools are cancelled than the club will be closed. Please watch the ticker tape on the news channels for closings. 



February 1st Sporter Rifle                                            February 3rd Super Bowl

February 7th Suburban Pistol                                      February 8th Sporter Rifle

February 10th Trap & Archery                                     February 13th Gen Meeting

February 14th Suburban Pistol                                    February 15th Sporter Rifle

February 17th Outdoor Archery                                  February 18th Work Party

February 21st Suburban Pistol                                     February 22nd Sporter Rifle

February 24th Trap & Archery                                      February 27th Dir Meeting

March 1st Sporter rifle                                                  March 8th Sporter Rifle

March 10th Trap & Archery                                          March 13th Gen Meeting

March 15th Open Range                                               March 18th Work Party

March 22nd Open Range                                              March 24th Trap Banquet

March 27th Dir Meeting                                                March 29th Open Range

December 2018 / January 2019


December 2018 / January 2019

Alden Rod and Gun Club

12 County Line Rd., Alden N.Y., 14004

Mailing Address P.O. Box 35

President: Frank Bermel Jr.: 937-7324

V. President: Bruce Huber: 585-937-7176

December Director: Don Sennett: 525-3151

January Director: Bruce Huber: 585-937-7176


We will begin collecting your 2019 dues at the December general meeting.  If you have met your required 10 hours your dues will be $30, if not you have to add $25 per hour that you are short to the $30 to get your 2019 dues.  We ask that you be orderly when paying your dues, it may take a few minutes but please be patient.  You will not be getting a notice that your dues are due now so be aware that you have until the January director meeting to get this paid



At the December general meeting we will begin selling our 2019 gun raffle tickets, we only have 550 tickets and they go fast.  Each ticket will cost $20 apiece.  Tom Ess will have single tickets for cash and Bruce Huber will have group tickets.  If you plan on selling side raffle tickets you need to have a raffle ticket to get into event.  Tom will begin looking for 9 or 10 members to sell side raffle tickets throughout the evening.  Bill Chapman will also be looking for members to help with the parking that day.  If you are interested you can contact him at 912-5080.



Anyone who entered the contest and has a rack to be judged must bring it to the January general meeting.  Remember it must be cleaned or it will be disqualified no matter how big it is.



We will begin this on Friday, December 7th and run for thirteen weeks.  There is a$20 league fee and it will cost $4 per week to shoot league targets.  The first relay will be at 6:30 with subsequent relays at 7:30 and 8:30 if necessary.  Your first relay will be strictly for 22 cal. rifle.  The other two may have a mixture of rifle and pistol.  You can only shoot lead ammo no coated rounds.  You have to shoot 11 league scores to qualify for the league.  If you have any other questions you can contact Don Sennett at 578-1108.  We are still looking for some range officers for Friday night.



This 22 caliber pistol league is well under way since the beginning of October.  Carl Leas tells us that the team is doing well but they could use a few additional shooters.  This is a handicap league which means that you don’t have to be an expert shot to participate.  Most of the matches are shot at the club so there isn’t a lot of traveling involved.  If you are interested you can contact Carl Lest at 656-0350.



This league will kick off our 2019 trap season on Sunday, January 13th.  Sign up will begin at 11am with the first relay around noon.  You will be shooting every other Sunday from then on.  This will be a 300 bird league with 250 for class qualifying and 50 shot the day of the banquet for class champion.  You will be shooting 25 birds at the upper house and then 25 at the lower each week.  There is a$20 league fee and then it will cost $8 for each round unless you shoot practice of 25 birds at $4.  Tom Ess will be looking for help so please sign up to make it easier on the club.  You can contact him at 431-9292.



This will run concurrent with the winter trap league.  You will be shooting in our range room at a combination of paper targets, 3D targets and archery butts.  There is a $20 league fee and a weekly target fee to shoot.  You shoot a total of 30 arrows each week.  If you have any questions you can contact Phil Williams at 553-7445.



For all you archers here is another way to keep your skills up for the season.  This is a travel league that we have offered for the last 3 years.  It is shot at several local clubs on a walking outdoor course with 3D targets at various distances.  If you are interested you can contact Joe Attardo at 937-0430 or Chris Lux at 912-5537.  The dates for our club hosting a Sunday shoot are January 8th and 20th and February 17th.  We are also looking for a couple of members who would be interested in cooking breakfast for those days.  Everything would be provided for you food wise for that day.  You would also receive credit for the time you worked.  See Bruce or Jenny Huber for more details.



At the December general meeting we will be have elections for two director positions for the coming year.  It is important for members to attend this meeting and cast your vote.  We still did not have anyone want to run for our four officer positions that were open and this is sad.  If members don’t begin to come forward and fill our leadership roles the ultimate price will be no club.  Think about this for next year.



If you haven’t seen the new lower range cover you should take the time to see what we have done.  There is one person Don Sennett that we need to thank for all of his engineering and supervising skills that contributed greatly to the success of the project.  Through his leadership the project moved much smoother and faster than we had hoped for.  To those members who volunteered their time and effort we want to thank you also.  It was truly a team effort that came together in just a few meetings.  We are planning to finish the range project for full use in 2019 with the help of mother nature and members.  A signup sheet will be available at all general meetings for those willing to help, see Tom Ess.  If you use the range please consider helping!!!



We need all members with this year’s dues to fill out a form so that we can have current information for our records.  You can either mail it in with your dues or bring it with you to a general meeting and give it to our secretary when you pay your dues.  If you don’t do this you will not receive a card for the coming year. Please be cooperative we are not trying to gather information on members for other purposes.  Your form is in this trigger talk, look for it.



DEC 7th Sporter Rifle                                          Dec 12th General Meeting

Dec 14th Sporter Rifle                                        Dec 21st Sporter Rifle

Dec 26th Director Meeting                                Dec 28th Sporter Rifle

Jan4th Sporter Rifle                                           Jan 6th Outdoor Archery

Jan9th General Meeting                                   Jan 11th Sporter Rifle

Jan 13th Trap & Indoor Archery                       Jan 18th Sporter Rifle

Jan 20th Outdoor Archery                                 Jan 25th Sporter Rifle

Jan 27th Trap & Archery                                    Jan 30th Director Meeting



Please be aware that the club will be closed for any type of activity when the Alden school system is closed or evening activities are cancelled due to snow.  This is a policy that we have implemented for the last few years to alleviate the question of whether the club will be opened during snow storms.




Name:  Joe Shooter

Address: 112 Gun Club Lane

Town & State: Archery, NY

Zip: 12345


Home Phone: 716-123-6543

Cell Phone: 716-987-2468

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