Alden Rod and Gun Club

PO Box 35, Alden, N.Y., 14004


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December Director: Bob Burzynski: 937-6886

January Director: TBD

President: Frank J. Bermel Jr.: 937-7324

V. President Bruce Huber: 585-937- 7176


At the December general meeting we will to conducting our elections for club officers and directors. We have a number of members who have come forward to run for a director’s position. We will actually have an election this year for the director’s positions. I encourage all members to attend this meeting and cast their vote for any eligible candidate. For those who haven’t attended a meeting in awhile it will begin at 7:30 pm.


You can begin paying your 2015 dues at the general meeting in December. Our secretary Carl Leas will accept your payment and issue you a new membership card. You have until the January meeting to get your dues paid. After that we will consider you a non- member. Remember if you got your hours in your dues will be $30.00 this year. If you are not sure about your hours you need to get in touch with Jenny Huber (28-3842) or check the hour’s sheet that is posted at the club. We will not be sending out individual bills to the members. For each hour you have not obtained an additional $25.00 will be charged to your dues.


These will also be made available at the December general meeting at a cost of $20.00 each. We will have 550 tickets to sell for this year’s raffle. As usual we have a fine selection of guns for both the main raffle and side raffles. Tom Ess will have individual tickets (cash only) for sale and Bruce Huber will have group (lots of 5 tickets) to be handed out. If you take group tickets make sure you can sell these tickets, we don’t want you sitting on them until the last minute. These tickets go fast so make sure you are ready when they are available. If you have any questions please contact Tom (937-6612) or Bruce (585-937-7176) about the tickets.


This year’s indoor .22 cal rifle shooting will begin Friday, December 5th at 6:30 pm with the first relay. There are 13 weeks of shooting of which you have to shoot 11 times to qualify as a league shooter. This is all individual shooting there are no teams in this competition. You will shoot 30 rounds per relay at three separate targets. There is a$20.00 league fee to be paid up front and each week a set of league targets will cost $4.00 and practice will be $3.00. There will be three relays each week starting at 6:30pm, 7:30 and 8:30. The first relay will be strictly rifle or air rifle. The following two may be a mix of rifle or pistol depending on the number of league shooters present. If you have any questions you can contact Don Sennett at 525-3151.


Our trap season for 2015 will begin on Sunday, January 11 with the first squad out at noon. This is a 300 bird league total with you shooting 50 birds every other week for 3 months. If you want to shoot ahead when the weather is good that is acceptable or if you want to shoot back to catch up that is fine also. There are no teams this is all individual shooting to achieve a class standing with class shoot off the day of the banquet. There is a $20.00 league fee to be paid up front and each week shooting will be $8.00 for your 50 birds. If you want to shoot practice you can do that also at $4.00 for 25 birds. This is a great time and the food is always delicious and plentiful. If you have any questions you can contact Tom Ess at 937-6612.


This will also be starting Sunday, January 11, 2015 at 11:30 am. You will be shooting at 9, 3D targets of various size and distance. This league will shoot the same dates as the winter trap during January, February and March. There is a $20.00 league fee with nominal target fees each week. This is all individual scoring there are no teams. For additional information you can contact Phil Williams at 937-9332.


At the banquet for this league one of our members Paul Korn was acknowledged for his shooting. Paul was an expert shooter in 22 caliber with a score of 296 with 10 X’s and high score in center fire with a score of 290 with 11X’s. Congratulations Paul on a fine season. The team as a whole finished first in the silver division.


Anyone who entered this year’s contest must bring in their racks for the January meeting to be measured and a winner declared. Your rack must be present that night and be tagged with the proper paper work to qualify for the contest.


A new signup sheet for club activities will be hung by the New Year waiting for your signatures. The entire year for trap and range officers will be listed. Remember if you do sign up you are obliged to show up on that date because we will be short handed if you don’t. There will also be sheets for opening and closing trap. If you aren’t sure what the positions involve please ask a director or officer and we will explain it to you. As before begin to get your hours in now and don’t wait until the end of the year when club activities become limited.


After the muzzle loader season in January you must begin to get your tree stands off the club property for next year. This is only fair so all members have an equal opportunity to place a stand for the coming season. This is nothing new it has been the policy of the club for many years.


I know that this is late in coming to the members but we are looking for candidates to send to camp Rushford this summer. If you have sons, daughters, grandson or granddaughter, niece or nephew who is between the ages of 12 and 14 they are eligible to attend camp. All they have to do is send us a letter as to why they want to go to camp. This is for one week of outdoor fun that they will remember for a long time. Please have all requests in by December 17th directors meeting. If you have any questions please call Frank Bermel at 937-7324.


Carl Leas tells us that the team is 6 wins and 4 losses so far this year. They are always looking for new shooters for anyone who is interested in shooting .22 cal pistols indoor.


Once again the club will be open on February 1, 2015 for this football event. The club will be open from 2pm until the end of the game. For a nominal fee of $5.00 you can you can partake in all the festivities. There will be chili, hot sandwiches and snacks served throughout the day. If you wanted to bring something to share you are more than welcomed. There will be a cash bar at club prices. If you would like additional information you can contact Jim Sivecz at 937-6855 or Bruce Huber at 585-937-7176.