Alden Rod & Gun Club,

PO Box 35, Alden, NY 14004


October 2014 / November 2014

October Director: Wayne Marx: 937-7604

November Director: Bill Chapman: 912-5080

President: Frank Bermel Jr.: 937-7324

V. President: Bruce Huber: 585-937-7176


We had another successful day due to the contributions of all the members. All your hard work throughout the day paid off with us selling all of our chickens. I also want to thank the members for selling their raffle tickets because it really made a difference on the day’s success. Everyone’s cooperation goes a long way in proving why we have such good club. Now that this summer fund raiser is done we can turn our attention to the gun raffle. Remember that tickets for this will go on sale at the December general meeting and they sell fast.


The end of 2014 is fast approaching and there are number of members with serious hour issues. We will be posting the last hour’s sheet by the end of September and you can compare it to what you have. If you do not have your time in we will not be making up things to do so you can get hours. We tell you all year long not to wait and to do things throughout the year. If you have any discrepancies get in touch with Jenny Huber at 228-3842.


Anyone interested in becoming a range officer for the club should attend this class. We only hold this instruction class once a year in October before we begin our indoor shooting season. It will be held on Friday, October 3rd at 7pm. There is no registration all you have to do is show up. It usually takes about one hour and it is an informal informational class. Anyone in need of hours for this year here’s one more opportunity to get them in. Bill Chapman will be conducting the class on that day. We need range officers so that we can run our open shooting and sporter rifle league.


Our indoor range will be opened for shooting as of Friday, October 10th and each consecutive Friday thru November 21st as long as we have a range officer to conduct each relay. If you show up and there is no RO you will not be allowed to shoot. This is why it is imperative that we have members take the range officer class. There will be two relays, one at 6:30 and one at 7:30pm. You can shoot 22cal. rifle, air rifle or pistol. All rounds must be lead and under 1000 ft/ sec. There will be a $3 fee for targets for each relay. The indoor range will be open like this until we begin the sporter rifle league in December.


Now that hunting season is fast approaching and more members will be sighting in their guns there is a greater need for range safety. Chances of other shooters using the range when you are will be increased so you must be that more observant of your surroundings. Also make sure you police the shooting area you’re using of all brass and papers. There is no shooting while work parties are being conducted or any special event is taking place. We will replace the backer board as necessary, so be patient.


Our indoor rifle league will begin Friday, December 5th with the first relay at 6:30pm. All shooters are welcomed to compete. You will shoot a total of 30 rounds at three targets. There are no teams this is all individual shooting. You will be shooting your 22cal rifle with any type of site you want. If you want to shoot you air rifle you can do that to. The first relay is strictly for sporter rifle with the following two at 7:30 and 8:30 a mixture of rifle and pistol. There is a $20 league fee paid up front and a weekly target fee of $4 for league and $3 for practice. If you have any questions you can contact Don Sennett at 585-937-6225.


It’s not too early to think about running for an officer or directors position for next year. We will be losing two directors at the end of this year and their positions need to be filled. There will be four directors positions opened plus all of the officers for next year. Even though the club is on solid ground with the board and officers we need to have some new faces so that others can understand just what it takes to run this club. Being complacent because things are running smoothly is not good for the club either. We have had the same president for three years and a new face would be nice at the head table. Having new directors and officers keeps the club that much better and maintains the high standards we endorse. So please seriously consider running in this year’s election.


We are fast approaching the end of these for the year. There are only three left because we do not have any in November and December. We have two regular Monday work parties and one Thursday morning. Keep these in mind if you are still in need of hours.


We are in the final stages of our trap season for the year. There is only one Friday night to shoot to qualify before the class shoot offs on September 20th. After this our next date for trap shooting will be in January of 2015. It has been a good season for shooting trap and we thank all those members who helped make it a success. We look forward to welcoming all of you back in January.


This will be starting Tuesday September 18th with a match at home and the team is looking for some additional shooters. This pistol league competes against other local clubs in the Western New York region. Many of the matches are shot as a postal to eliminate excessive driving. You shoot 22 cal. pistols in three different categories, timed, rapid and slow fire. What’s nice about this league is that it is a handicapped league for those shooters who aren’t as proficient as others. If you want additional information you can contact Carl Leas at 656-0350.


Just a reminder that club dues for 2015 will be increased to $30.00 for all current members. The cost of operating our facility has increased over the years and it necessitated the board to vote this increase. You are still getting a great value for your dollar when you look at what we offer in membership. Any hours you have not obtained will be charged at $25 per hour in addition to your regular dues. You can begin paying your 2015 dues at the December general meeting.


The signup sheet is behind the bar just waiting for your signature. Bow hunters have to be entered before the October 1st opener, Crossbow by November 1st and gun hunters by November 15th. The cost is $3 per shooter regardless of what you shoot. All racks will be judged at the January general meeting.


The club allows its members to hunt on the property according to all federal and state regulations. You can hang a tree stand if you like but it is at your own risk. There are no permanent stands and all stands must be removed after the season is closed.