Alden Rod and Gun Club

PO Box 35, Alden, N.Y., 14004


Web site:

April Director: Don Sennett: 585-525-3151

May Director: Tim Swartz: 716-681-0595

President: Frank Bermel Jr.: 716-937-7324

V. President: Bruce Huber: 585-937-7176


Any member who has not paid their 2014 dues by last month is now delinquent. The club will now consider your membership as no longer current and your privileges of the club revoked. If for some reason you let your membership lapse and you still want to be a member you must get in touch with a director or board member so we can resolve your issue. All members had an extra month in which to pay their dues to continue their membership. We will not be sending out notices to you that you have not paid your dues because that is too expensive. It’s up to you to renew your yearly membership.


I know that this is a topic that gets brought up an awful lot during the year but it’s important to talking about it. The good weather is just around the corner so save some time for helping out around the club. We get many compliments about the appearance of the club and that is due to your diligent work. The signup sheets still have vacancies on them just waiting for your name. One thing I want to remind you of is that at any one of our main events the gun raffle or chicken BBQ the most hours you are going to be able to get that day is 5 hours. You will not be able to fulfill your club obligations at one time. That’s why it is important to begin to get hours in as soon as possible. If you have any questions about this please call Frank Bermel at 937-7324.


Mike Stoklosa who is in charge of our range committee will be holding a range work party on Saturday, April 19th from 9 till 11:30 am. He is looking for 8 members to clean up the lower range and replace target boards. Here’s an early opportunity to get some hours in. If anyone is interested you can contact Mike at 655-1864, for more information.


This year’s class will be different than last year’s because you will have to do work at home before you come to class. You will have to register on line through the NYS web site about hunter safety training. We will be having a class at the club April 8th and 12th. Jeff Jondle who will be running the class is looking for some assistance. He can use certified hunting instructors, club range officers and certified range safety officers. If you are a club member and have any of these qualifications the club will give you up to 5 hours for your participation. All you have to do is get in touch with Jeff at 716-652-3143.


Maurice Mulaney has once again volunteered to head our second monthly work party. This has grown in popularity over the last several years and we want to keep it going. He will be having his work parties one Thursday morning from 9am till noon May thru September. The first one is May 28th followed by June 26th, July 24th, August 21st and Sept 25th, if you have any questions you can contact Maurice at 901-2189.


The raffle is fast approaching and it’s time to get on your horses and hustle those raffle tickets if you haven’t already. The guns are already paid for and we need to recoup our money. If you have any tickets you are not going to sell get them returned, no one is going to say anything. We always have people looking for some as the day approaches. We are also looking for 9 tickets sellers for the side raffles to cover the building in a timely manner. If you want to do that you can contact Tom Ess at 937-6612 and he will give you the details. Bill Chapman will also be needing help parking cars that day. If you would like to give him a hand you can contact him at 912-5080.


This year’s winter trap was one of our most successful we had 51 shooters participate in the league. We want to thank all the shooters and everyone who helped during the 6 weeks of shooting. We also want to thank Jenny and Bruce for serving some great food to all of us. We will be taking a week off after our last Sunday of shooting and then head right into our spring league Friday, April 4th at 6pm. We are still looking for people to open and close for trap on each Friday. If you’ve never done this before that’s alright because we will show you everything you have to do. If you’re a novice shooter come out and we will help you have fun. For information on our trap league you can contact Tom Ess at 937-6612.


The 3D archery that ran along with the winter trap was enjoyed by all shooters. They had 10 league shooters but at any given time there were up to 15 archers that shot in the back room. Phil Williams and Rob Westmiller did a fine job for the club in running this league and we thank them.


This indoor rifle league has also concluded for the year with 10 shooters completing the 11 weeks of shooting. There were some very good scores shot by the individual shooters. This is an individual competition that pits your ability to concentrate on individual targets and hit the bull’s eye each time. The club thanks Don Sennett for being league chairman and keeping this shooting venue running for our members.


Spring is not far away when all of our indoor shooting events come to a conclusion as this league has. These shooters have been shooting since September and finished up in February. They ended the season on a high note by defeating a good pistol team in Niagara County our clubs final record was 12 wins and 20 losses. We thank all the shooters that represented the club in this travel league.


Dennis Muetel tells us that this league will be starting Sunday, May 11 and he is looking for shooters to fill the ranks. This is an outdoor league that shoots at various ranges on Sunday mornings starting at 9am. You can shoot center fire pistols, 22cal. pistols or both if you have enough ammunition. They usually start in May and shoot until September. If you would like more information you can contact Dennis at 668-4686.


This is our spring and summer indoor league that shoots on Tuesday nights at the club. This league is based on individual shooting of targets at 33 feet. It is run by Carl Leas from the 6th of May until July 29th. The first relay is at 7:15pm with a second an hour later if necessary. For any additional information you can contact Carl at 656-0350.


Gun owners in New York will once again gather in Albany to voice our opposition against the SAFE Act on Tuesday April 1st. If you would like to be a part of this group you can travel to Albany on either a bus from SCOPE or the Federation of Sportsman Clubs. They are hoping for another 10,000 sportsman from around the state to show up for this rally. We have to show the governor that opposition to this law has not waned and that we are not going to go away until we get this issue resolved. To make your reservation on the bus contact either organization and show your support for your constitutional rights.


We want to welcome the following individuals into the Alden Rod and Gun Club

Angela Blair, Jim Carducci, John Proctor, Justin Refermat, James Refermat, Mike

Werelus, Ken Kaczmarek, Gregory Price, Ed Williams, Marlon Gillette, Pete Corcoran and Jeff Purdy


We had three entries for the Big Buck contest this year and the rack with the highest score was Mike Glowka. We thank all those who participated and our two judges Jenny Huber and Angela Blair who measured each rack. With spring just around the corner we are looking for all the turkey hunters. Our Big Beard contest is behind the bar just waiting for you to sign up. It will cost you $3 to be in the contest and all beards will be judged at the June general meeting. Your beard must be accompanied by one leg and a NYS spring turkey tag. The spur on the leg will be used to break any ties. Your beard must be present that night to be eligible for the contest.


I just want to remind our members that as the year progresses make sure you keep track of your hours throughout the year. Don’t think that we’re going to send you a personal note with your accumulated hours, that’s not our responsibility. We post member hours that we have four times a year, so take some time and stop at the club to look at the sheets, that’s the least you can do. If there is a discrepancy than we can get it cleared before the end of the year. I am tired to getting e-mails or phone calls from members about what they owe or how many hours they have because they neglected to keep an accurate record. We are not going to lead you by the hand all year so you remember what your dues is. We have more important things to do in running this club than playing nursemaid to irresponsible members. Take some time to do your part as a member of the Alden Rod and Gun Club. Your dues are due in December and January each year. If you have any questions call me Frank Bermel at 937-7324 and I will discuss this with you.