Alden Rod & Gun Club,

PO Box 35, Alden, NY 14004



February 2014 / March 2014


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February Director: Jim Sivecz: 937-6855

March Director: Rick Hanks: 937-9872

President: Frank Bermel Jr.: 937-7324

V. President: Bruce Huber: 585-937-7176





If you have not paid your 2014 dues by now you have been given a monthís reprieve because of the snow.  Since we canceled Januaryís general meeting you now have until the end of February to get your dues in.  After that we will not be sending our special invitations for those members who have not renewed.  With this extra month you should have ample time to get your 2014 dues to us.  If we have not heard from you by the end of February we will terminate your membership.  You may either pay in person when the club is open or send it to the club by mail.  If you do not send a self addressed envelope with your dues your membership card can be found behind the bar.



Jim Sivecz will be heading this yearís football party at the club.  The festivities will begin at 12 noon and run until the game is done.  The cost is $15 per person and it includes food and drinks all members are invited to attend.  If you want further information you can contact Jim at 937-6855.



The club will be sending two young people to summer camp this year for a week of outdoor fun.  Both Joseph Pisto and Austin Avino were chosen for 2014.



This is our yearly club pistol championship match and it is open to all members regardless of your efficiency.  It is limited to .22caliber pistols and you will be shooting a gallery style course of fire.  The date of this is Thursday, March 27th at 7:30pm and anyone interested in shooting can contact Carl Leas (656-0350) for more information.



Signup sheets for various club functions are now hanging on the bulletin board just waiting for your name.  The entire year for trap and indoor shooting are posted.  This gives you a chance to check your personal schedule against the dates available.  Donít waste time waiting to check the sheets because members have already filled time slots.  There also sheets for opening and closing trap each week we shoot.  If you have never done this we will show you just what you have to do each time you open or close.  Keep in mind we will be having a second work party one Thursday each month beginning in May thanks to Maurice Malaney.  The dates will be posted in the trigger talk when that time draws near.  Donít wait too long before you start fulfilling your club obligation.



Itís never too early to begin to think about the hunting season and this will get you started.  These classes will be held at the club on Tuesday, April 8th and Saturday, April 12th.  You have to attend both classes to get your certificate.  On Tuesday the class begins at 7pm until 10pm and Saturdayís class will begin at 9am and go until you are finished.  There is no cost for this but seating is limited.  For further information you can contact Jeff Jondle at 652-3143 or Bill Chapman at 937-7986.



Out tickets have been selling very well since they became available in December.  We got an extra 50 tickets this year because of the demand by members and outside interests.  Tom Ess has single tickets for sale and his supply is running low.  Bruce Huber has tickets in lots of 5 so more people have access to them.  I would assume that after Februarys general meeting tickets will become scarce, so donít wait to get yours.  If you have gotten tickets from Bruce get them back to us as soon as possible even if you donít sell all you took.  We will find buyers for them with no problem.  We will need at least 9 people for selling side raffle tickets throughout the night.  This will allow us to cover all rooms where people are sitting in a timely fashion.  In order to do this you will have had to purchase a raffle ticket.  Contact Tom Ess for further information 937-6612.



There a four Sundays left for this league and itís not too late to begin.  All you have to do is have 250 birds in before the last Sunday we shoot to be eligible for class championships.  We shoot a total of 300 birds with the final 50 being shot the day of the banquet on March23rd.  There is a $20 league fee and each round of 50 birds cost you $8.  It may be cold out but the club is a great place to spend the day with fellow shooters and good food.  We shoot every other Sunday after the January 12th starting date. Sign up begins at 11am to 3pm and we shoot until 4pm.  For more information you can contact Tom Ess at 937-6612.



With the canceling of the January meeting anyone who has a rack to be judged should bring it to the February general meeting and the winner will be in the next Trigger Talk.  Sorry about the delay but you canít fight Mother Nature.



The club elections were a bit one sided because no one ran for any of the open positions.  There wasnít anyone in the entire club interested in being an officer or director for a short period of time.  Because of this our Secretary Carl Leas on a motion cast one vote for the slate of directors and officers whose terms were expiring but were willing to fill these positions for another term.  The office of president was determined by the board at the December directors meeting.



There is still time to shoot this league if you double up on the next six Fridays.  You only need 11 scored to qualify for the league.  This is just a fun way to kill a Friday night in the winter.  Itís just you and the target there are no teams in this type of shooting.  If you have a .22 caliber rifle that is all you need to shoot.  We begin shooting at 6:30 with additional relays at 7:30 and 8:30.  You will shoot a total of 30 times on your scoring targets.  If you just want to see what the league is all about you can shoot practice, thatís alright to. If you want to shoot the league there is a $20 league fee and targets cost $4 for score and $3 for practice.  For more information you can contact Don Sennett (585-937-6225) league coordinator.



There is a set of garage doors from our old garage that are free to anyone that would like them.  They are lying next to the burning barrel just waiting for someone to pick them up.  You donít have to get permission from anyone just come and take them.  They are not in bad condition.



In conjunction with winter trap we have this for those who want to keep their bow shooting skills tuned.  You shoot at various 3d targets placed throughout the room.  All scores are based on individual shooting there are no teams. Sign up for this begins at 11am and they shoot until 3pm.