December / January

Alden Rod & Gun Club

12 County Line Rd., Alden, N.Y. 14004

President: Frank J Bermel Jr.: 937-7324

Vice-President: Bruce Huber: 585-937-7176

December Director: Don Sennett: 525-3151

January Director: Bruce Huber: 585-937-7176


Beginning at the December general meeting you can pay your 2018 dues. Our secretary Carl Leas will be present to accept your money and give you your new membership card. If you send your dues by mail and want your card mailed to you don’t forget to include a self addressed envelope with your payment, otherwise your card will be behind the bar. You should know what you owe by this time because we do not send out any bills. If you have all your time in $30 is all you owe. If you don’t just add $25 per hour that you’re short to the $30 and you have your total. You have till the February director meeting to pay your dues, if not you will be delinquent and dropped from the club.


The guns have been bought and tickets for our May gun raffle will be available at the December general meeting. Tom Ess will have individual tickets for cash and Bruce Huber will have groups of tickets also that night. Do not hesitate if you want a ticket because they go fast. We have a great selection of guns and it’s always a good time for those who attend. We will eventually be looking for help for that day for selling side raffle tickets and parking. Put a circle around Saturday, May 5th on your calendars as a day to reminder.


A new year is just around the corner and with that comes a new set of hours that have to be filled by each member. I know it’s early but a year goes by faster than you think. Getting a few hours here and there makes it easier throughout the year.


We still have not gotten any requests to send a youth to summer camp this year. The dead line is the December director meeting. If you have a son, daughter, niece or nephew, granddaughter or grandson this is a great opportunity to enjoy too spend a week at an environmental camp. All applicants must to at least 12 years old and no older than 14 when they go to camp. All we need is a letter explaining why you want to go to camp.


Our pistol team is well into the season but they could use some extra shooters. They have center fire this year if you choose to shoot this. Most of the matches are shot as postal at our club. For additional information contact Carl Leas at 656-0350.


This indoor shooting league will begin Friday, December 1st at 6:30pm. There is a $20 league fee and scoring targets are $4 for three targets, practice targets are $3. Beside the 6:30 relay there is a 7:30 and 8:30 relay as well. The first relay is strictly for sporter rifle with the other two a mixture of pistol and rifle. You need to have 11 scoring weeks out of 13 to be part of the league. For additional information contact Don Sennett at 525-3151. We still have a few weeks of practice shooting left on Friday nights before the league begins.


We are finished with our trap for the year and wait for the winter league to begin in January. We have purchased a new trap machine because the lower house machine could not be repaired economically. The new machine will be installed in the upper house with the lower receiving that machine. This should eliminate all the broken birds we were incurring from the lower house and improve our overall league. Thanks to Tom Ess, Tom Rumley and Chuck Lapp for installing the machines in the trap houses. Winter trap will begin Sunday, January 14th from noon till 3pm.


There were no nominations from the floor for any club officer or director position at the November general meeting and since only one person chooses to run for the vacant director position there will be no election vote this year.


When winter trap begins January 14th so will our indoor archery league. You will be shooting at a variety of 3D targets, bag targets and paper targets from 50 ft. You will shoot every other week like trap from January thru mid March. If you have any questions you can contact Phil Williams at 553-7445 or Rob Westmiller at 228-9999.


Our club will once again be part to the traveling 3D archery that shoots at local area clubs. You will shoot 15 various 3D targets at each club ranging from 15 yards to 35 yards. The season will begin in January and finish by March. We are looking for members to support our team. For additional information you can contact Joe Attardo at 937-0430 or Chris Lux at 912-5537


January 5th Sporter Rifle

January 10th General Meeting

January 12th Sporter Rifle

January 14th Trap & Archery

January 15th Work Party

January 19th Sporter Rifle

January 26th Sporter Rifle

January 28th Trap & Archery

January 31st Director Meeting