Alden Rod & Gun Club

12 County Line Rd., Alden, N.Y. 14004

President: Frank Bermel Jr.: 937-7324

June Director: Jeff Miller: 937-0993

July Director: Mike Raichel: 578-1108


Bar: Frank Bermel: 937-7324

Parking: Bill Chapman: 912-5080

Take Out: Jeff Miller: 937-0993

Serving Line: Tim Swartz: 713-0271

Backroom Clean Up: Tim Swartz: 713-0271

Kitchen: Carl Leas: 656-0350

Cupcakes: Vickie Kaiser


Our calendar year is half way gone and if you haven’t gotten any hours in yet time is running out. We are now outside with our work parties and we have begun our Thursday morning work parties. We will be looking for help on several projects that we have planned for the club. We will be rebuilding our shelter by the pond, building a dock to extend into the pond and building an overhang from the trap garage. There are opportunities throughout the club that are just waiting for someone to do them. Don’t get caught short and come running to us at the end of the year.


We are midway through our spring trap league but there is still time to join in. We shoot Wednesday afternoon from noon to 2pm and Friday nights from 6pm to 9pm. If you have never shot before we will be glad to show you the basics to get you started. For Wednesday trap contact Frank Bermel at 937-7324 and for Friday trap contact Tom Ess at 431-9292.


This league is run by Carl Leas on Tuesday nights through July. The first relay is run at 7:30 pm with a second on if necessary at 8:30. You are shooting from 33 feet at air pistol competition targets. For additional information you can contact Carl at 656-0350.


If you like shooting pistols outdoors than this is for you. You can shoot center fire, 22cal. or both if you like. This league shoots on Sunday mornings at various local ranges against other area teams. The team director is Dennis Meutel and you can contact him at 668-4686 for additional information


This is something new that the club is doing. It will run in conjunction with our Friday night trap. You will be shooting at paper silhouette targets from 50 feet. The cost will $8.00 per shoot and will run through September. The league will have already begun by the time you receive this but it is not too late to join. For additional information you can contact Melanie Grapes at 432-003 or Jennifer Sienkiewicz at 481-8306.


Just another reminder that you have to remove any tree stands from the property before the end of spring. I know that it’s been muddy but you still have to take them out. We do this just to be courteous to the other members who want to put a stand up.


I am glad to report that this year’s event was very successful. We had a packed house with over 300 people in attendance. The only drawback of the night was the rain and cold. The new addition to the parking lot proved invaluable because of the conditions. The raffle went very smoothly because we had more than enough help and this was key to our success. I want to thank everyone that volunteered to help. A special thanks goes to Bill Chapman and his parking crew for an outstanding job. They were out in nasty conditions making sure all vehicles were parked on solid ground. When the raffle was over they were out there with lights directing everyone out of the parking lot and shuffling the other workers to the lower range to get their cars. I also want to thank the owners of Just Holster It for their donation of a gun case, a rifle rest and target shooting accessories that contributed to the success of our gun raffle. Their shop is located on Broadway in Alden.


Millgrove sportsman club will be conducting two training classes at our club. The first one will be an archery class held on Thursday, August 3rd from 7pm to 10pm and Saturday, August 5th from 8 am to 3pm. You have to attend both days to get your certificate and register on line on the DEC web site. They will also hold a hunter training class on Thursday, September 14th from 7pm to 10pm and Saturday, September 16th from 8am to 3pm. The same holds for this as with archery.


Anyone looking to hunt waterfowl on federal refuges or opening day at Tonawanda or Oak Orchard needs this to hunt. On Saturday, August 19th from 5pm to10pm Jeff Jondle will be teaching this at our club. You have to register for the class on the Dec web site. For additional information call Jeff Jondle at652-3143.


Jennifer Sienkiewicz, Melanie Grapes, Walter Kuna, Kevin Sibley, Joshua Taylor


With this edition to the Trigger Talk all members will receive 10 raffle tickets for the BBQ that we ask you to sell. This is a small favor that the club asks all members to do. It helps ensure the success of our BBQ that keeps our club running.


The winner of this year’s club championship was Tim Swartz with a score of 836 with 15 X’s. Congratulations Tim.