April / May


Rod and Gun Club

12 County Line Rd., Alden, N.Y. 14004

President: Frank Bermel Jr.: 937-7324

Vice-President: Bruce Huber: 585-937-7176

April Director: Vickie Kaiser: 341-1767

May Director: Tim Szwartz: 713-0271


Our annual May event is fast approaching and final preparations underway. The most important of which is getting your raffle tickets returned to the club. We have a waiting list of people who are looking for tickets so get them turned in. Bill Chapman (912-5080) is still looking for additional help with parking for that day. The doors of the club will open shortly after 5 pm with the first drawing at 6 pm.


If any club member put up a tree stand of any kind they have to be removed from the property shortly after spring arrives. If you are going to drive back make sure the road is dry. You will be held responsible for any damage to the road and property. By the end of summer they can once again placed in your favorite hunting area.


The good weather will be with us very soon and that will be a sign for all members to make a concerted effort at fulfilling their hour obligation. The required 10 hours is very easy to attain with minimal effort. Please don’t wait like some do because we will make no exceptions for those who haven’t gotten their hours in.


Our winter trap league has finished and the spring league will begin Friday, April 6th with sign up at 5pm with the first relay at 6pm. This will be a 300 bird league and will run for 11 weeks. There is a $20 league fee and each round of 25 birds is $4. All are welcomed to shoot. Along with the spring league we will once again have trap shooting on Wednesday beginning May 2nd at 12 noon. You can shoot either practice or league if you like. We will shoot until 2pm each week. If you have and questions about shooting you can contact Tom Ess at 431-9292 or Frank Bermel at 937-7324.


This outdoor pistol league will begin shooting Sunday, May 6th and run through September. You shoot at various ranges throughout the area with center fire or 22 caliber pistols. This is a handicap league so you don’t have to be an expert to shoot. For additional details you can contact Dennis Meutel at 668-4686.


On Tuesdays beginning May 8th we will entertain all shooters at the club who wish to shoot air pistol. You will be shooting a course from 33 feet. The first relay is at 7:30 pm and the league will run until the end of July. For additional details you can contact Carl Leas at 656-0305.


This indoor shooting event is now complete and I want to thank Don Sennett who was the league director and the 11 shooters who participated in the league. We had full relays each week which was nice to see but there is always room for more shooters.


Both our indoor and outdoor archery leagues are finished for the year. We had another good showing this year and I want to thank all members who helped run the leagues and the shooters who participated in making this a success. This spring we will be offering indoor archery on Friday nights. The dates for this are the following 4-6, 4-20, 5-11, 5-18, 6-1, 6-15. You can either shoot league at $12 per week or practice at $6 per week. It all starts at 6pm and everyone is welcomed.


We will once again be offering this beginning on Thursday, May 24th at 9am till 12noon. This will be followed by work parties on June 28th, July 26th, August23rd and Sept 27th. Remember that the range is closed at this time until after the work party. This is the same as when we have a work party on Monday evenings. All you have to do is show up and we will find something for you to do. For any additional information contact Maurice Malaney at 901-2189.


Parking: Bill Chapman: 912-5080

Kitchen: Carl Leas: 656-0350

Clean Up & Serving Line: Tim Swartz: 713-0271

Take Out: Jeff Miller: 937-0993

Buildings & Grounds: Wayne Wheatly: 512-9320

Bar: Frank Bermel: 937-7324


This coming November is another chance for your voice to be heard at the voting machine. There are elections on both the federal and state levels that could have serious consequences if we don’t take time to cast our ballot. Take some time to register in your district so you are ready for November. Don’t think that your vote won’t count because people say it won’t, it does matter.


This year’s fall and winter league is finished for the year. The team did not do as well as expected because members experienced medical difficulties throughout the year which hampered team scores. Paul Korn will be receiving an award at the league banquet.


At the club 900 shoot held on March 8th Tim Szwartz was the winner with a score of 820 and 10x’s. Congratulations